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  COMBI10 - Combi Cap: Injection Cap + Male Luer (Pack of 10)  
About our products and services:
We strive to source and develop products that meet the demanding needs of our veterinary patients, rather than relying on products supplied to the human market.
When developing a new product, we focus on the important points of making the product do the job it was intended for.
  EVAINJ01 - Eva injection caps, available in packs of 100  
FNVCAP20 - Caps for needle free valves, available in pack of 20
General Product Information:
  We design and supply an extensive range of infusion & extension lines; caps, connectors and valves; vascular access catheters; chemotherapeutic safety devices; drainage and critical care products.
  CCFC.01 - Foley Catheter closing cone with female luer lock  
Large Animal product range:
We have a selection of products to suit large animal use including infusion and extension lines, transfer sets & catheters. We are nearing completion of long-standing development work on an exciting new range of equine spiral giving sets; please contact us for further information.
EVACLD02 - Eva closed caps, available in packs of 100
Closed Caps - Available in pack of 10 (CLOSED10) or 100 units (CLOSEDM-B)
Bespoke Products:
  We design and supply a number of bespoke products to our customers; these include giving sets, extension lines, syringe labels and jugular catheters.
Custom-made products meet your exact requirements, and are also economical as you get exactly what you need in a single product. We would be happy to discuss any custom product requirements with you.
FNVMFH - Needle free swabable valve
Pump & General Servicing:
  As well as offering a comprehensive technical and clinical advice service, we are proud to offer a full servicing and repair service on a wide range of devices such as infusion pumps, syringe drivers, centrifuges, clippers , cautery units etc. We offer a full appraisal and quote service ahead of carrying out any repair, with a very prompt turn-around time.   Original injection caps - available in packs of 10 (INJCAP10) or packs of 100 (INJCAP-M)  
  About our team      
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