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      A Brief introduction to our team  
  Denise:   Denise is the newest member of our team, joining us in April 2017 and is our general administrator. Denise is a jack of all trades and enjoys her varied workload.  
  Rachel:   Rachel is our accounts person, she has looked after our accounts since 2015. So it'll be her chasing the late payments of invoices.  
Our service engineer Ben joined us in February 2012 and is based in York in a modern workshop facility. Ben looks after all repair work for us, both with infusion pumps and general equipment. His actual name is John Bennett, but we are just so used to calling him "BEN" although rumour has it he's been called a lot worse, most of which is unprintable.
  Martin:   Nobody knows when Martin turned up, but he did and never went away. Along with Mark he looks after customer services & sales and making sure everything runs smoothly.  
  Jaqui:   Warehouse Manager - Jaqui has been with the company since 2009, when she primarily looked after the warehousing side of the business. Her roles include stock management, looking after distributor orders and repacking our bulk pack ranges. She is never too far away from our company mascot, Kira, the long haired GSD whom you may have seen "vogue posing" at some of the exhibitions we have attended. Kira is also in charge of security!!!  
  Mark:   Our Managing Director - No one seems to know what his role is, especially Mark! He looks after product design and testing, technical support and customer services. He enjoys visiting clinics to discuss and demonstrate our product range as well as providing clinical training.  


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