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We are currently in the process of building a new website, while the new site is being constructed we will keep this site updated with products and codes. Please use the 5 links on the left hand side of this page for your searches, then using the links on on the following pages. These pages are being contantly updated, should you be unable to find the product or information you require please contact Infusion Concepts.

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The index of the catalogue is on page 3, once you have chosen the page you require please input the page number into the search at the top of the Adobe PDF page and press enter.

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Founded and run by a veterinary surgeon, Infusion Concepts specialises in designing and supplying quality infusion, drainage and critical care products for the veterinary profession.

We are proud to offer almost any product for your “Fluids IN & Fluids OUT” infusion and drainage requirements, as well a range of critical care products. Our product range includes :-

Infusion & transfusion lines (small & large animal)
Extension lines
Caps, valves, connectors & regulators
Infusion pumps, syringe drivers & stands
Peripheral & jugular catheters
Closed collection sets
Chest drains
Foley Catheters
Abdominal & general wound drains
Blood collection & transfer bags
Oxygen connection & feeding tubes

Many human infusion products are routinely available to us in veterinary practice, however these often fail to perform well with our patients. Working with teams of dedicated suppliers, we address issues such as tube kinking, injection priming volumes, ease of assembly and safety in placement. By doing this, we meet the demanding needs of our veterinary patients and still adhere absolutely to our founding principles of:
Quality 3  Versatility  Performance  No Compromise

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Using the Quick Link buttons on the left, you access basic summary information on each product. From here you can also access product codes and specification details. More Detailed Information can also be accessed from these links; these give a detailed description of the product and relevant images.
Use the main Products button at the top of each page to browse the site. This takes you through the detailed pages so you can view full details and images.
The 'A-Z product index' gives a listing of all our products, together with commonly used alternative terms. The links take you straight to the quick link basic summary section. If you've found the product description you're after, simply click on the 'detailed information' button as above.
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